If you want to use the dropship model, you will only be able to use our stock formulations as these have no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). Using this model, you can develop your own range of supplements with minimal capital outlay. Using our stock formulas is ideal for:

  • Start-ups
  • Small business
  • Testing markets - get to know the quantitive demands of your customers with minimal risk
  • Diversifying into supplements
  • Developing a brand range on low initial capital investment

Advertise your products! When an item is sold by you, you can upload the orders to your Nutribl account and our fulfilment team will pick, pack and attach your branded labels to the product and send them directly to your customer. 

Other than the small one-off label design cost (if using our design services) there are no costs to you other than the cost of the product and the dropship fee set out in the dropship guide

Once you are established and have tested markets you may decide that you can make more profit margin by moving away from dropship and buying from us in bulk. Such a move in model would benefit both you and use. Some of our clients use a hybrid model whereby they use our dropship system to initially test markets but then move to a private label wholesale model from there - using the dropship system only as backup. 

Dropship is extremely labour-intensive for us and less economical than labelling a larger amount of stock at a time. We therefore build in a pick and pack element to the dropship fee. We can offer discounts on higher volume orders as opposed to dropship - thus giving you even more profit margin gain!

How does 'Custom Formulation' work, and which clients will benefit from this?

If you are interested in developing your own formula this is a completely different model and dropshipping is not possible. This is because we would be scheduling a production run specifically for your product and thus you would need to order and purchase the entire run. The MOQs for custom formula will be at least 60k capsules/tablets - potentially up to 100k depending on the materials required for the project. For a custom formulation you need to consider:

  • A requirement to pay a 50% deposit on placement of an order.
  • Pay the balance for the whole production run when the order is ready to ship.
  • A lead time of 8-12 weeks depending on materials.
  • Requirement for substantial initial investment per product.

If custom formulation is something you are interested in and you have the investment to progress then please get in touch, and we would be happy to support you if we can.