If you are trying to place an order on the Nutribl website and are unable to complete by card payment then there are 2 quick solutions.

1. Use Paypal and pay using your card instead of through a PayPal account.

When checking out select payment method as Paypal instead of 'Credit/Debit Card'. 

When you are taken to the Paypal login screen click the 'Pay by Debit or Credit Card' button instead of logging in (see screenshot). This will allow you to make a payment through your Credit or Debit card using Paypal as the processor.

2. Select Bank Transfer as the payment method and then process payment separately after.

During the checkout stage on the Nutribl website choose 'Bank Transfer' as payment method. 

Enter a 'Reference' number of your choosing - if you don't have an internal reference then just make one up (can use the day's date for example). Click 'Save' when you have entered the reference and then click 'Place My Order'. 

The order will then complete and you will be given an order number and bank details to send a payment to us for the order. If you do not wish to send a bank transfer then you can either:

  • Send money via Paypal. Go to this link and send us the payment amount direct - www.paypal.me/troohealth
  • Pay by credit card/debit card over the phone - we can call you to take payment over the phone. Please just email hello@nutribl.com to request a call or phone us on 0800 061 4487 with your order number ready.