We have a stock range of over 120 formulas which can be seen on our AtoZ page - https://www.nutribl.com/t-allproducts.aspx . All of these stock products except for the powders are packed into flat mail packer bottles as seen here - https://www.nutribl.com/c-126-innovative-packaging.aspx . If you take our products in the exact same packaging and format then we do not have an MOQ - you can order 1 unit or you can order 10,000 - it is up to you. If you want to have the option of different packaging, different format (e.g. capsule instead of tablet or vice versa), different formula or different quantities of caps/tabs per bottle then this would need to be done as a custom manufacture specifically for you. In this instance the MOQ would be at least 60,000 capsules/tablets per product line.