If you have unique product names for your products you may wish to have these product names reflected on your invoices - rather than the generic Nutribl product names. Likewise if you have labels in a different language it may be useful to have your product names on the invoice for import purposes. 

You can now upload your own product names to your account for any SKUs you wish to have display a different name on your invoices. This is done through spreadsheet upload - a template is attached which you can alter for your requirements:

  1. Open the excel file
  2. Enter your product name in column A and the corresponding SKU in column B under the headings
  3. Save the file to your computer
  4. Login to your Nutribl account
  5. Navigate to your account (https://www.nutribl.com/account.aspx)
  6. Open the 'Trade' tab
  7. Under the 'Upload Product Name' section click on 'choose file'
  8. Find the file you have saved with your product names in and select it
  9. Click 'Upload Product Names'

You should get a message to confirm that the names have been uploaded. Once this has been done any invoices issued after an order is placed will have your own product names on the invoice.