The use of the Soil Association Organic Certification logo on your own brand of products will depend on your business model. There are 3 main scenarios depending on which sales channels you use and whether you are primarily Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B):

  1. B2C only but not on Amazon - don't need license - Scheme 2 
  2. B2C including Amazon - require a full license -  Scheme 1
  3. B2B - require a full license - Scheme 1 

SCHEME 1 - Full License 

You need to contact the Soil Association to discuss your situation - SA will advise on fees and how to apply for a license. Application can take 4-6 weeks inc inspection (inspection is administrative mainly). 

Once the license in granted you will need to send product SIPS and artwork to SA for review. Any associated products will then be added onto your SA trading schedule. 

SCHEME 2 - 'symbol user agreement'

You don't need an organic license. It is scheme of reassurance and you can use the SA logo on your products. Things to note:

  • It is not mandatory - so if you wish you can sell the products without using SA markings
  • Can only be used by businesses solely selling B2C and not using Amazon 
  • Provides reassurance for your customers. Listed in the SA supplier lists.
  • Labels need to be checked can approved by SA

NO SCHEME (Using the Troo Healthcare Registration)

It is useful to note that even without 'symbol user agreement' B2C retailers can use the logo because they are Troo Health products and are pre approved.  Your labels will still need to be checked by the Soil Association under our Troo Health license but there is no charge for this from the Soil Association. 


Please contact if you would like to use the Troo Healthcare registration in this way and we can refer you into the soil association to get your labels approved. 

We would respectfully ask all clients, using the soil association logo or claiming 'organic', to make sure they have the right organic 'license' in place if needed. If in doubt please contact the Soil Association direcly to discuss with them. 

Regardless of the route you take, ALL organic artwork requires approval by the Soil Association and our design team will need proof of approval before print moving forward.