Nutribl can offer private label organic products on initial orders of 200 units or more per product line. The use of the Soil Association Organic Certification logo on your own brand of products will depend on your business model. There are 3 main scenarios depending on which sales channels you use and whether you are primarily Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B):


As a basic summary if you are selling: 


- B2C you don't need a licence (unless selling via Amazon) - Use Scheme 2 

- B2C via amazon - you require a full Soil Association licence.  Use Scheme 1

- B2B - you require a full Soil Association licence.  Use Scheme 1  


SCHEME 1 - Full License

Please contact the soil association and apply for a licence. The application can take 4-6 weeks including an inspection.  Please let them know that you are a client of Troo Health Care Ltd (Licence number: DA272220).   


Once the licence is granted you should send the product SIPS (we can provide a template) and artwork for review. The products will then be added onto your soil association schedule. Cost on application to the Soil Association. 


Please also let us know if you follow this route. Your labels will need to be approved and the products will need to be added to our schedule as well as yours.   

SCHEME 2 - 'Symbol User Agreement'

This is not an organic licence but a scheme of reassurance which allows you to use the soil association logo on your products. Labels still have to be approved by the soil association before print. 


The "Symbol User Agreement" is aimed at brand holders who source fully-packed and labelled products from SA-certified suppliers, have the SA symbol applied to their products, sell direct to consumers only, and do not carry out purchase of ingredients or manufacture. These companies do not require a licence by law, but they can apply to this scheme to benefit from the additional reassurance to their customers, and any enquiries to SA regards their approval status can be answered without reference to the certification of their manufacturers/suppliers (i.e. they are not legally required to hold certification, but have explicit approval from SA to use the SA symbol for sales direct to consumers). On successful verification the brand holder will be issued a certificate and schedule confirming their brand is permitted to use the symbol on the named products. This certificate and schedule is not documentary evidence that the brand holder is certified to the EU organic regulations – it is regarding use of the SA symbol only. This scheme has a cost of £299/year at time of writing. 


Please contact us if you would like to use this scheme and we can send your labels into the soil association to be approved and added on to our schedule.     


NO SCHEME (Using the Troo Healthcare Registration)

It is useful to note that even without 'symbol user agreement' B2C retailers can use the logo because they are Troo Health products and are pre approved.  Your labels will still need to be checked by the Soil Association under our Troo Health license but there is no charge for this from the Soil Association. 


If you would like to use this scheme please let us know and we can send your labels into the soil association to be approved and added on to our schedule.  



We would respectfully ask all clients, using the soil association logo or claiming 'organic', to make sure they have the right organic 'license' in place if needed. If in doubt please contact the Soil Association directly to discuss with them at


Regardless of the route you take, ALL organic artwork requires approval by the Soil Association and our design team will need proof of approval before print moving forward.