If you wish to create your own label designs then we are happy for you to do so. Below is a list of requirements we have for the label files you provide:

1. FILE FORMAT - we prefer jpg but can take other universal graphic files such as BMP, TIF, WMF, and PNG.

2. RESOLUTION - the files should be 300 DPI to ensure optimal print quality.

3. BORDER SPACE - there should be a 3mm back border left between end of label content and edge of label to ensure text does not get cut off.

4. BACKGROUND - ideally the background of your labels should be white. If you wish you can have a lightly coloured background. The reason for this is that full colour background on labels will slow the printing process down. We are able to offer flexible ordering on the basis that we only print labels as we need them. To ensure that our service continues to run efficiently we need to limit how long it takes to print each label.

5. SEPARATE FILES - our flat mail back bottles require 2 labels per product -  a front and a back label. In these cases we need the label files supplying as 2 individual files - one for the front label and one for the back label.

6. BORDERS - you can have borders on your labels if you wish. However please be aware that the printer we use is essentially a high spec ink jet. As such the labels may not line up exactly each time. If slight variation in border placement / thickness is something that will drive you mad then you may prefer not to use borders in your label design.

7. COLOUR - preferable CMYK, but RGB will work too.

8. SIZES - the flat mail pack bottles come in 3 different sizes and require 2 different label files per product. The round cylinder bottles (powders) only require 1 label which wraps around the bottle. There are 2 different label sizes for the round bottles. On the private label product website for each page there is a label text file which includes the label size for that particular product. The files we receive should be:

- Small Flats: 709px x 897px at 300DPI (that's 60mm x 76mm)

- Medium Flats: 768px x 1300px at 300DPI (that's 65mm x 110mm)

- Large Flats: 970px x 1655px at 300DPI (that's 84mm x 140mm)

- Small Rounds: 1654px x 709px at 300DPI (140mm x 60mm). This is a wrap around label and should be landscape.

- Large Rounds: 970px x 1655px at 300DPI (that's 140mm x 84mm). This is a wrap around label and should be landscape.

9. LABEL TEXT - Label text files can be found on the private label product pages for each product - or we can send you them individually by email if you let us know which ones you want. This will have all of the product information you need such as ingredients, instructions and cautions etc. The best before date and batch number is printed on the base of each bottle during manufacture so you don't need to worry about this. You will want to put your own business details on the label somewhere - it's important your customers can contact you and re-order easily so a phone number, email and web address are all good things to put on. By law you only actually need 'the name and address of the manufacturer, packer or EC seller' - in other words your business name and address. You should also have the words 'Food Supplement' written somewhere on every product. 

10. CAUTIONS - we provide suggested cautions / allergy warnings in the label text files. Some of the cautions lists are fairly long and sometimes we are asked if they can be cut down. We would strongly recommend including all suggested allergy warnings. After that the only cautions that are legally required are:

  • a warning not to exceed the stated recommended daily dose;
  • a statement to the effect that food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet;
  • a statement to the effect that the product should be stored out of the reach of young children

Attached is a supplement label summary that you should familiarise yourself with when completing your label designs. Remember you and your business are responsible for the accuracy of your own label content.