Before you can order private label products you need to get your labels designed. You can either do this yourself or we can do it for you. Artwork design is chargeable to cover our design time costs.

There are various options for getting artwork done depending on how many products you want to start with. As a minimum you need a template. This is a custom label design created specifically for your business using your logo, colour choices etc. We would design this to your specifications and you get 2 sets of revisions included to ensure you are happy with the label design.

Once you have a template you can get new products set up quickly by replacing the details in the template with the product details of any products you want to have in your own brand.

You can order artwork by logging into the website, selecting 'Trade' from the main menu and then going to the 'Labels & Images' Category. To access this category you or any of the links below you must have an active trade account.

If you want to set up in singles then order 'Private Label New Template Design' - . This gets your template and we will do this with the details of a product you want in. After that order 'Private Label Single Product Setup' ( for any other products you want.

If you intend to set up at least 5 products then you can save money by ordering a started bundle which includes a template and multiple products:

1. Started Bundle - template plus 5 products -

2. Standard Bundle - template plus 10 products -

3. Mega Bundle - template plus 20 products -

Artwork charges are one-off costs. Once set up you will automatically get your labels put on any stock you order in private label (any product listings with '- Private/White Label' at end of title).

In case you have not seen it already there is more info about the private label process on our website -