We have re-launched our Pet Digestive Enzymes (SKU PL-443) with a new and improved formula to include Digezyme® and Slipper Elm. The new formula is as follows:

1 tablet typically provides: 

Slippery Elm 112.5mg    

Aloe Vera Extract 40mg

Digezyme® 37.5mg

    Providing 1g: Alpha Amylase 36,000U, Neutral Protease 9,000U, Cellulase 300U, Lactase 6,000U, Lipase 1,500U

Ginger 30mg

Rhubarb 20mg

Turmeric 10mg

Peppermint Powder 200mcg

A full label text file is available on the Label Info tab of the pet digestive enzymes product page.